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Debra Sheffield – High-End Art – Art Speaks and Transforms

Debra Sheffield, founder of Buy High-End Art believes that gives words to our voice and it transforms both the artist and the “listener”. Through figurative portraits, not representative of any particular individual, my art captures the essence of people’s emotions at a point in time. My art speaks in ways my voice cannot. Being an introvert and a highly sensitive person, art is a powerful medium of self-expression.

My drawings convey the complexities of human emotion with simplicity. Some of my work is almost childlike. A skilled communicator is one who is able to convey a complex message with simplicity. My art does that.

Any form of art lends itself as a tool for transformation. The skill lies in being attuned to what emerges from within.



My suffering allows me to connect with something greater than me. Something greater than my suffering. I was able to tap into the Grace of God. It provided a place for my soul to find its rest. And it’s in that place that much of my art was borne.